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The Sewing Basket
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Be the Boss of your HST's!

Half-square triangles are one of my most favorite units in quilting - they're just so versatile!  Over the years, I've learned a few tricks to make sure that my HSTs are as accurate as I can get, so here's the 4 tips to improve your half-square triangles and have your points lookin' great!!

1. Cut bigger
When in doubt, cut the starting squares bigger, and then trim the sewn HSTs to size. Carefully read patterns to see if the included cutting measurements have a comfortable amount of trimming space built-in, but if you're not sure, go bigger in the beginning.


2. Sew straight
Seems fundamental, but if you need to mark the sewing line on your fabrics or use some washi tape to mark the sewing line on your machine bed, get those seams as straight as possible. Wonky seams will effect how flat your seams will fit, and mess up those nice, clean, straight lines of the triangles.


3. Press it real good
The second biggest mistake I made when sewing my first HST sampler quilt blocks was to not press my half-square triangles once I'd cut them. Not ideal! Not only does this make for wavy and/or wrinkly HSTs, it makes the next step a lot trickier...


4. Trim to size
The biggest mistake I made when I was first sewing half-square triangles was that I didn't trim them to size! And I wondered why my quilt blocks were bigger than they should have been, and not as nice and square... While it may be tempting to "make it work" and not bother trimming, don't give in to the temptation to cut corners... or, not cut corners, as the case may be. Cut those corners! Trim the HSTs down to the right size so that your quilt blocks will look sharp.

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