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Reproduction Prints

*NEW* Regency Blues from Christopher Wilcon-Tate for Moda
Regency Blues is inspired by quilts in Chris' private collection of antique British Quilts, dating from the late 18th Century and early 19th Century and the prints are drawn from quilts originating in the North of England.

*NEW* Sequoia by Laundry Basket Quilts/Edyta Sitar for Andover
Inspired by the beauty of succulents in California, Edyta combines lush pinks, teal and tobacco into florals and companion prints that make up into beautiful quilts, crafts and more!

Alice's Scrapbag by Barbara Brackman for Moda
The latest collection of mid-nineteenth century reproductions for Moda will please traditionalists and contemporary quiltmakers alike with a range of natural colors and classic period prints.

Bluework Revival from RJR
Bluework Revival harkens back to embroidery done in indigo cotton. Indigo was a stable dye, although not as widely available as red. This stitching was called bluework embroidery. It became more common after 1910 when synthetic dyes became available.

Cat in the Manor from Mary Koval for Windham Fabrics
From the "Cat in the Manor" collection by Mary Koval for Windahm Fabrics, accurate reproductions on highest quality quilt shop cotton. A beautiful rendition of 1800s reproduction prints featuring furry friends and rich tonesof red, blue, rust and cream.

Cheddar and Indigo from Penny Rose Fabrics
Cheddar and Indigo collection brings a beautiful selection of patterns from several antique fabric collectors. The patterns are reproduced in the original colors and patterns taken from the antique swatches!

Collections Mill 1892 from Moda
Reproduction fabrics from a circa 1892 French mill book which contains hundreds of antique swatches documenting prints of the time. Authentic in color and in scale, this beautiful collection showcases the fine, delicate print quality of the period.

Emilie Rose by Jo Morton for Andover
Jo Morton does it again with this beautiful collection... reminiscent of days gone by, these sweet, petite prints incorporate soft coloring and olde world patterns.

History Repeated Book I by Julie Hendricksen for Windham
Julie Hendricksen gives us History Repeated. By picking a traditional quilt pattern and using reproduction fabrics, all of us are able to re-create a little of our own quilt history. Blue and brown has long been a favorite color combination for quilters

Isabella from Jo Morton for Andover
The Jacobean floral is the feature of this gorgeous group, plus interesting stripes to add to the companions. Jo also provided spice colors along with lovely pinks to make beautiful quilts!

Redwork Renaissance from Moda
Popularized in the late 1800s, Redwork took its name from the first colorfast embroidery floss known as Turkey Red and utilized simple outline stitches and designs in a variety of themes from animals and flowers to famous landmarks.

Romantic Olde Charleston by Judie Rothermel for Marcus
Inspired by an antique pattern stripe that became the mood for Charleston...Judie returns to a favorite palette of pink and brown to recreate the elegance of the South, mixing medallions,flower and leaf motifs, and an interesting stripe.

Savannah by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics
Jo presents re-creations of antique quilts, imitating colors and styles of period pieces, using an antique quilt as a source of inspiration, she creates an interpretation - a quilt that might have been made in the 19th Century.

The Brick House
The Brick House was the Vermont home of Shelburne Museum's founder Electra Havemeyer Webb and her husband James Watson Webb. The Brick House and 1,000 acres of land were a wedding gift from Watson's parents in 1913.

The Cotton Club by Paula Barnes for Marcus Brothers
This collection was created around an antique border print from the mid 1800's, along with antique coordinates in varying shades of red and brown. The rich red tones include shades of Madder and Turkey red, both commonly used in the 1800's.

Woodlands by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics
The newest collection, Woodlands... Jo Morton is a quilt artist, fabric designer, teacher, author and student of our ancestral quilt making. Her use of color, design and fine stitchery give her quilts the feeling of being made in the 19th Century.