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*NEW* Bali Batiks from Hoffman Fabrics
Rich, warm colors created especially to bring out the beauty in each of the patterns of these batiks.

*NEW* Wilmington Batiks from Wilmington Prints
Beautiful batiks in vibrant colors, having a soft hand, are perfect for quilts, clothing and so much more!

Bali Handpaints from Hoffman Fabrics
Known for their beauty and "soft-hand", these batiks are a crowd pleaser! This collection has a print and color for everyone and every project, let your imagination run.

Bali Watercolors from Hoffman Fabrics
Beautifully colored, with a nice "hand", these Bali Watercolors are perfect for adding some interest and movement to your current creation or putting in place of a solid.

Batavian Batiks from Wilmington
With a soft "hand", beautiful color and multiple prints, this collection is sure to please the most discerning batik seekers!

Batiks from Michael Miller Fabrics
Beautiful batiks straight from the sun into your sewing room... fun colors to blend and create something "sun"tastic!

Believe Batiks from Moda
Wintertime is perfect to enjoy the special gifts of life and reflect on the wonders of the season. Delightful colors, words, and images will fill your heart with joy and keep your body warm with beautiful quilts made from these fabrics.

Blue Barn Batiks from Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda
Laundry Basket's "Blue Barn" batiks collection captures a delicate winter palette- it's perfect for creating beautiful quilted memories in scraps of family fun and fabrics.

Bon Voyage Batiks from Moda
Soft shades of color rest easy in this collection amid leaves, berries and swirls. Makes a nice blend for a fall quilt or craft project.

Color Splash Batiks from Moda
A cool ocean mist is shimmering in the sun as waves crash...Color Splash in a vivid array of brilliant brights, jewel tones, and warm earthy batiks. Tropical foliage, misty sprays of dots, and multi-dyes that capture the ocean's reflections are all here!

Indian Summer Batiks by Laundry Basket for Moda
As Mother Nature anticipates the cooling of the season, she teases our senses with the last few precious days of summer. Sun-drenched colors have clearly matured, with memories of the season’s flowering beauty.

Jelly Bean Batiks from Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda
The perfect eye candy for quilters, bursting with flavors like watermelon pink, kiwi green, blueberry blue and lemon yellow. As soon as you get them in your hands, you’re sure to enjoy every flavor individually or as a group. There is no stopping!

Joy Batiks by Laundry Basket for Moda
With heartwarming reds, stunning greens, and delightfully light naturals, it will likely become your favorite selection when preparing for the holidays. This group will surely bring a traditional look to your quilts!

Malam Batiks from Jinny Beyer for RJR Fabrics
Vibrant colors and intricate patterns are at the center of this rich collection from, who else? Jinny Beyer! Known for her use of rich colors and patterns, Jinny created batiks that stay true to her look and feel.

Malam Batiks II by Jinny Beyer for RJR Fabrics
Rich, vibrant colors are paired with leaves, flowers and many other shapes to create a really unique collection... if you like batiks, these will be a hit!

One for You One for Me Batiks from Pat Sloan for Moda
Brightly colored batiks with cute little prints like daisies, dandelions, dots and chevrons... funky combines with traditional batik techniques!

Over the Rainbow Batiks from Moda
A myriad of colors, prints and textures await your creative hand! Vibrant magenta, ocean blue, moss green and more blend together in swirls, leaves, geometrics and everything in between.

Paint Box Batiks by Moda
The Paint Box collection could be your next palette to create with. Cut, lay, sew...Paint with fabrics, a blanket to enjoy. Whether you hang your new work of art to be admired or snuggle it, the possibilities are endless with this beautiful group.

Snow Days Batiks
Mittens, snowflakes, brocades and twigs all come together in this collection of snowy creams, icy blues and cozy taupes. A fun twist on the traditional "type" of batiks we are accustomed to!

Snowbird Prints and Batiks from Laundry Basket for Moda
While there are many seasons of the year that call for a wide array of colors, wintertime is a little different. It is the season to immerse yourself in soft denim blues, midnight navies and a touch of sweet chocolate brown... prints for any project.

Tiger Lily Batiks from Moda
A fresh bouquet of Tiger Lily Batiks from Moda. Exotic and bold batiks, shining in the shades of sunrise and sunset, are radiant and ready for the picking!

Tropical Breeze Bali's from Benartex
Light and airy, subtle but strong... These muted pastels are just the colors you need to balance your palette. Use for backgrounds or appliques, or wherever a touch of light is needed.

Wide Batiks from Wilmington (108")
Batiks are always a beautiful addition to any project and now, you can get them in a wideback too!