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20's and 30's Reproduction Prints

*NEW* Lazy Days by Kaye England for Wilmington Prints
Kaye England's Lazy Days is an addition to her 1930's inspired Back Porch Prints collections featuring the most popular 1930's colors.

Toy Chest Cottons from Penny Rose Fabrics for Riley Blake
During the Great Depression of the 1930's there was a great revival of quilting and hard times brought a strong desire for women to socialize. Quilting became a popular way for women to be creative and make practical household items.

Backyard Pals by Kaye England for Wilmington Prints
Kaye England wants you to meet some of her Backyard Pals, the newest addition to her 1930's inspired Back Porch Prints collections! The panel of kittens in 5" squares and in 2 colors is great for block centers and crafts.

Back Porch Prints- Fall Frolic by Kaye England for Wilmington
Traditional prints in a newer, more modern colorway... soft sea foam, orange, blue and yellow melded together in florals, plaids, lattice and more!

Back Porch Prints- Summer Days by Kaye England for Wilmington
Kaye England's Summer Days is the newest addition to her growing and increasingly popular Back Porch Prints 1930's-inspired collection. Colors are primary for the bright fresh feel of summer!

Back Porch Prints- Spring Showers by Kaye England for Wilmington Prints
Sweet reproduction prints from Kaye England are a must for a project needing a "vintage" flair!

30's Playtime Basics from Chloe's Closet for Moda
Whether these classic prints are mixed with a single solid for a timeless vintage look, or mixed with the popular "low volume" prints of modern quilting, the colors and whimsical prints of this collection will keep you playing all day.

Aunt Grace by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics
A tribute to Judie Rothermel's own aunt, and quilting teacher, Grace Starkey. This irresistible collection was designed with the true Aunt Grace collector in mind!

Aunt Grace Schoolhouse Classics from Marcus Fabrics
The name says it all for Judie Rothermel's latest collection, pure classics just as we would expect!

Aunt Grace Ties One On by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics
They're not your grandmother's conversationals! These bigger, bolder motifs give Judie Rothermel's familiar conversationals an exciting new appeal for all kinds of projects, from baby quilts to accessories and home accents.

Aunt Grace in A Pickle from Marcus Fabrics
Loads of 30's prints from Judie Rothermel to add to your stash... Aunt Grace in a Pickle has something for every 30's reproduction fan!

Aunt Grace Circle of Friends from Marcus Fabrics
Paper dolls, posies and animal prints mark the prints for this cute collection. Our little Aunt Grace "girl" is a cutie, ready to take her place on something pretty!

Aunt Grace Garden Party from Marcus Fabrics
Rich red, Dresden blue and sunny yellow mixed with cream and green, a pretty palette to complete a favorite vintage quilt pattern, home decor project or cute pillowcases!

Aunt Grace Miniatures from Marcus Fabrics
Judie Rothermel adds to her wonderful collection of all things "Aunt Grace" and has a new collection called "Miniatures". The perfect compliment to favorite reproduction quilts, aprons and other projects!

Everything But the Kitchen Sink X for RJR Fabrics
The hits just keep coming... More fantastic 20's and 30's prints in this collection for all your quilting, crafting and home decor needs. Could make cute vintage pillowcases too!

Everything But the Kitchen Sink VIII by RJR

Everything But the Kitchen Sink VII by RJR

1930's Classics from Exclusively Quilters
Fun reproduction prints featuring pinks, yellows, purple and blue...true to the traditional prints of days gone by!

Storybook Classics from Whistler Studios for Windham
Filled with patterns from your favorite childhood stories such as Pinocchio, Humpty Dumpty, Alice and Wonderland and mixed with sweet, little floral patterns, Storybook Classics entails a classic 1930's pre depression era color palette.

Floursack from Windham Fabrics
Printed floursacks, (and feedsacks) were a tradition beginning in the great depression, but lasted into the 1950's. It is estimated that by the early 1940's over 3 million women and children were wearing some version of a printed feedbag garments.

More 30's Playtime from Chloe's Closet for Moda
Classic 1930'ss prints are fresh and playful in this latest collection of reproduction prints from Chloe's stash! These new prints have feedsack florals, cheery cherries and sprightly little Scotty dogs. A fun and authentic palette!

30's Playtime from Chloe's Closet for Moda
Florals, dots and gingham galore all sporting the reminiscent colors of the 30's, grandma's aprons and dresses have found their way into the modern day!

Chloe's Closet from Moda